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2, 4-two-chlorophenyl Acetic Acid
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

In the high concentration of more than 500ppm for stem and leaf treatment, in wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane and other crop fields to control the quinoa, amaranth and other broad-leaved weeds and grass weeds in germination stage. Internal suction. From the roots, stems, leaves into the plant body, slow degradation, it can accumulate a certain concentration, so as to interfere with plant hormone balance, destroy nucleic acid and protein metabolism, promote or inhibit the growth of some organs, so that weeds stem and leaf twist, stem base thickened, swollen and so on. The Gramineae crops have a strong tolerance in the $number leaf period and are the suitable time for spraying. It is also sometimes used to treat the soil before the seeding of maize, in order to prevent a variety of leaf, Gemini weeds. It can increase the effect of killing grass by mixing with atrazine, net and other herbicides, or by mixing with acidic fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate. When the temperature is 20~28℃, the effect increases with the temperature, and the efficacy is lower than 20 ℃. 2,-butyl ester in high temperature volatile, easy to diffuse drift, damage adjacent to Gemini crops and trees, should be carefully used. 2,-absorbent strong, used sprayers must be fully cleansed to avoid cotton, vegetables and other sensitive crops by its residual micro-pesticide hazards. But for the safety of animals and humans.

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