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2, 4-two-chlorophenyl Acetic Acid History
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

1941 American R. Poconi published 2,-'s Synthesis method, 1942 p. Zimmerman and A. E. Hitchcock reported for the first time 2,-used as plant growth regulator. 1944 U.S. Department of Agriculture reported 2,-effect of killing grass. The latter is one of the major herbicides in the world because of its small dosage and low cost.

Pure pure white crystal, water solubility is very small, soluble in ethanol, benzene and other organic solvents, but its sodium salt, amine salt is very easy to dissolve in water. Products have a variety of salts and esters of the processing formulations. Under 30ppm low concentration can be used as plant growth regulator, in the prevention of tomato, cotton, pineapple and other falling flowers and the formation of fruit and so on.

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