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Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Herbicide is a kind of substance that can make weeds completely or selectively occur dead, also known as herbicides, to eliminate or inhibit plant growth.

Among them, sodium chlorate, borax, arsenic acid salt, and TCA have a dead effect on any kind of plant, which is affected by three factors, such as herbicides, plants and environmental conditions. According to the function of the pest and selective herbicides, selective herbicides, especially nitrophenol, Chlorobenzene, carbamate derivatives are most effective. The development of herbicides in the world gradually stabilized, the main development of high efficiency, low toxicity, broad spectrum, low dosage of varieties, small environmental pollution of the disposable treatment agent has become mainstream.

Commonly used species for organic compounds, can be widely applied to control farmland, orchards, flower nursery, grassland and non-arable land, railway lines, rivers, reservoirs, warehouses and other weeds, miscellaneous irrigation, miscellaneous trees and other harmful plants.

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