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Herbicide Classification By Use Method
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

(1) Stem and leaf treatment agent: The herbicide solution to water, with a small droplet evenly sprayed on the plant, the spraying method used in the herbicide called stem and leaf treatment agent, such as cover grass, glyphosate and so on.

(2) Soil treatment agent: spraying herbicides evenly onto the soil to form a certain thickness of the drug layer, when the seeds of weeds, seedlings and roots are contacted and absorbed to play a role in killing grass, this role of herbicides, called soil treatment agents, such as simazine, grass net, fluorine spirit, etc., can be used by spraying, sprinkle method, the use of drugs.

(3) Stem and leaf, soil treatment agent: can be used as stem and leaf treatment, but also for soil treatment, such as atrazine.

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