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Herbicides Are Classified According To The Movement Of Herbicides In Plant Bodies
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

(1) Tagged type herbicide: When the medicament and the weed contact, only kills the part which and the Medicament contact, plays the local killing effect, the plant body cannot transmit. Only the ground portion of the weed can be killed, and the effect is poor on the underground part of the weed or the perennial deep root weed of the underground stems. such as weeding ether, paraquat and so on.

(2) The internal absorption conduction type herbicide: The medicament is absorbed by the root or the leaf, the bud sheath or the stem part, transmits to the plant body, causes the plant to die. such as glyphosate, grass net and so on.

(3) in-suction conduction, tagged integrated herbicide: With internal suction conduction, tagged type of dual function, such as killing grass amine.

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