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Herbicides Prevent Improper Use
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

It is often the main cause of drug injury that the dosage is too large, the drug application period and the improper use method. Herbicides do not follow the instructions required by the excessive role, such as water Paddy herbicide Acetochlor in the applicator poison soil, more than 150ml per mu, seedlings weak, not green, in the low temperature, water layer too deep can inhibit rice growth and tillering, and even dead seedlings. Grazing net, grass manure, wo field net for rice, such as the use of Honda to weed more strictly control the dosage and application conditions, the temperature of more than 28 degrees must be appropriate to reduce the dosage. Super-efficient herbicides such as benzyl-Dipyridamole, Dipyridamole, and other herbicidal activities high, the use is also very easy to produce drug damage. The applicator of Acetochlor in rice after green is safe, but if combined with the whole land before inserting, it will inhibit the growth of rice, postpone tillering, encounter low temperature, abnormally high temperature or deep water layer, and even kill the vaccine. For stem and leaf spray herbicide concentration is too large, repeat spray can also cause local drug damage.

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