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Mastering The Technical Operation Of Herbicide Use:
Shanghai AgroChina Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

1, "one flat": to be flat. The application of farmland block to fine-grained farming, to ensure that the ground is flat, no big clod, no potholes.

2, "Two evenly": the drug in the carrier to mix evenly, spray or poison soil to be even.

3, "Three quasi": The timing of drug application, dosage of drugs, the area of the application of the land. such as 40% oats to prevent Wild Oats, before sowing, 3 kilograms/ha medicine.

4, "Four look": see Seedlings, grass feeling, weather, soil. Not easy to take root or thin seedlings of drugs: according to the type of weeds and the growth of the use of drugs, low temperature dosage in the use of drugs in the upper limit;

5, "Five not": seedlings of weak seedlings do not apply medicine, paddy water shallow less than 3 centimeters or deep flooded heart leaves not to apply medicine; the soil is too dry to apply medicine, the rain or leaves on the dew when no medicine;

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