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AgroChina is a professional Ethephon manufacturer and exporter in china, that is concerned with the design, development and production of ethephon plant growth regulator


Structure Formula:  


Common Name: Ethephon (ANSI, Canada); Chorethephon (New Zealand)
CAS No.: 16672-87-0
CAS Name: (2-chloroethyl)phosphonic acid
Molecular Formula: C2H6ClO3P
Agrochemical Type: Plant growth regulator, ethylene generator
Mode of Action: Plant growth regulator with systemic properties. Penetrates into the plant tissues, and is decomposed to ethylene, which affects the growth processes.

Specification of the Ethephon

Specification for Ethephon 91% TC




White to light brown wax solid

Content of a.i.








Specification for Ethephon 40% SL




Homogeneous liquid

Content of a.i.






Solution stability

(as 5% aqueous solution)

No color change;

Sediment maxium: trace;

Solid particles: pass throug 45μm sieve.

Stability at 0℃

The volume of solid and/or liquid which separates shall not be more than 0.3 ml.

Packing: net 25kg in bag or drum or according to client's requirement.

Application of the Ethephon

To promote pre-harvest ripening in apples, currants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, morello cherries, citrus fruit, figs, tomatoes, sugar beet and fodder beet seed crops, coffee, capsicums, etc.; to accelerate post-harvest ripening in bananas, mangoes, and citrus fruit; to facilitate harvesting by loosening of the fruit in currants, gooseberries, cherries, and apples; to increase flower bud development in young apple trees; to prevent lodging in cereals, maize, and flax; to induce flowering of Bromeliads; to stimulate lateral branching in azaleas, geraniums, and roses; to shorten the stem length in forced daffodils; to induce flowering and regulate ripening in pineapples; to accelerate boll opening in cotton; to modify sex expression in cucumbers and squash; to increase fruit setting and yield in cucumbers; to improve the sturdiness of onion seed crops; to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves; to stimulate latex flow in rubber trees, and resin flow in pine trees; to stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts; etc. Max. application rate per season 2.18 kg/ha for cotton, 0.72 kg/ha for cereals, 1.44 kg/ha for fruit.

AGROCHINA is professional Ethephon manufacturer, our products are in promotion. If you are distributor of ethephon plant growth regulator , or ethephon spray , and if you have any questions or requirement of ethephon , please contact us freely.

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