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2022 AgroChina Team Building in Lushan ,jiangxi Province

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In order to improve the cohesion, centripetal force and execution of the team in love with AgroChina Team, enhance the feelings and cooperation of employees, activate the team atmosphere and let employees relax physically and mentally after intense work, our company organized all employees to carry out team building activities on July 21 to Mount Lushan. 

We set off from Shanghai on the afternoon of July 21 and arrived in Jiujiang at night.

The team building activity officially kicked off on July 22. Mount Lushan is 36 kilometers south of Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It lies south of Yangtze River and west of Poyang Lake. The scenic area covers 350 square kilometers with the buffer zone reaching out for 500 square kilometers. Mt Lushan is well known since ancient times for its magnificence, marvel, precipice, and grace.

Our team members encouraged each other during the climbing of the mountain then enjoyed the beautiful scenery reputed worldwide of Three-stepped Fall.

In the afternoon, we organized a rafting activity which are very exciting in the summer day.

On the 23rd, we enjoyed the beauty of Wulaofeng and Xianrendong. 

We also visited the Villa Meilu, which is a famous cultural landscape unique to Mount Lu, which shows a side of the changing modern history of China. It is the "beautiful house" where the "first lady" Song Meiling lived.

On the last day of the activity, we took the cable car and got a magical view of the cloud and mist.

2022 AgroChina Team building
AgroChina Team building
Lushan AgroChina Team building

The team members encouraged each other in these activities, showing a spirit of unity and high spirits, and got a long-lost relaxation in nature.

The development of this team building activity reflects the company's humanistic concept of caring for employees, deepens the unity and communication between employees, enriches the knowledge and interest of corporate culture, and harvests positive energy so that we will devote more enthusiasm to the work in the second half of the year.

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