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Paraquat Herbicide

AgroChina is a professional Paraquat Herbicide manufacturer and exporter in china, that is concerned with the design, development and production of Paraquat

Structure Formula:

Common Name: Paraquat (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, WSSA, JMAF)
CAS No.: 4685-14-7
CAS Name: 1,1' -dimethyl-4,4' -bipyridinium
Molecular Formula: C12H14N2
Agrochemical Type: Herbicide, bipyridylium
Mode of Action: Broad-spectrum, non-residual activity with contact and some desiccant action. Photosystem I (electron transport) inhibitor. Absorbed by the foliage, with some translocation in the xylem.

Advantage of the Paraquat

Paraquat has been a valuable tool for farmers all over the world for nearly 50 years. Its speed of action, rainfastness and now its role as a weed resistancefighter are unsurpassed.However, paraquat's importance and benefits go beyond simply weed control. Its unique property of being locked onto soil so tightly on contact, and the consequent biological inactivation, mean that it has become a key component inconservation tillage systems, especiallyno-till.Paraquat plus reduced tillage improves soil structure and fertility, timeliness of operations, biodiversity and the overall profitability of farming. It is also unique as a non-selective herbicide in being able to be sprayed between the rows of growing crops without fear of crop damage.In this section you can find out about the specific benefits paraquat brings on the farm, for theenvironment and in rural communities.

Specification of the Paraquat Herbicide

Chemical: Paraquat
Use category: Herbicide
Content & formulation: Paraquat 42% TK,Paraquat 20% SL

Specification for Paraquat 42% TK




Homogeneous liquid


≥42 %

Water insolubles




Free 4,4'-bipyridyl


Specification for Paraquat 20% SL




Homogeneous, dark blue to green liquid

Content of a.i.


Water insolubles




Free 4,4'-bipyridyl


Solution stability (as 5% aqueous solution)

No color change;

Sediment maxium: trace;

Solid particles: pass throug 45μm sieve.

Stability at 0℃

The volume of solid and/or liquid which separates shall not be more than 0.3 ml.

Packing: net 25kg in bag or drum or according to client's requirement

Application of the Paraquat Herbicide

Broad-spectrum control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards (including citrus), plantation crops (bananas, coffee, cocoa palms, coconut palms, oil palms, rubber, etc.), vines, olives, tea, alfalfa, onions, leeks, sugar beet, asparagus, ornamental trees and shrubs, in forestry, etc. Also used for general weed control on non-crop land; as a defoliant for cotton and hops; for destruction of potato haulms; as a desiccant for pineapples, sugar cane, soya beans, and sunflowers; for strawberry runner control; in pasture renovation; and for control of aquatic weeds. For control of annual weeds, applied at 0.4-1.0 kg/ha.

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